About Us

Web Developers Planet is the go-to resource center for how-to guides, tutorials, tips, and tricks for solving programming problems and implementing various features and functionalities in your day-to-day web and software development projects.

We regularly publish content in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, JSON, and Bootstrap among other web and programming topics.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced developer in these areas, you can rest assured you find helpful tips and solutions from our wide array of articles. We cover them in a simple yet comprehensive manner that both beginners and experienced developers can easily understand.

Our mission is to help you save time by providing quick solutions so that you don't have to experience the same challenges that we have gone through before.

Web Developers Planet was founded in 2021 by John Mwaniki, a tech enthusiast and software developer with 10 years of experience.

John is an Information Technology graduate, the founder of a web development company, and has founded other several blogs.