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PHP/MySQL Lead Management System Script

LeadFlow Pro is a web-based lead management system, built in PHP/MySQL and designed to help store and manage leads, assigning them to specific sales reps, and keeping track... Read More

How to Dynamically Change a Page’s CSS using jQuery

In web development, personalizing user experiences is a key aspect of creating engaging and interactive websites. In some cases, you may want to dynamically cha... Read More

[Solved]: Why isn’t my CSS being applied?

CSS plays a crucial role in web design, allowing developers to control the visual presentation of their web pages. However, you may sometimes experience scenari... Read More

Creating Horizontal HTML Lists with CSS

While HTML lists are designed to display items vertically by default, some scenarios may necessitate displaying them horizontally. That is when a horizontal arr... Read More

How to make color gradient borders with CSS on HTML pages

In web design, a border is a line drawn along the edges of an HTML element. It can be drawn all around the element, on one side (eg. bottom, left, top, etc), or... Read More

How to make a HTML and CSS multilevel navigation menu

One of the essential components of a website is the navigation menu. A navigation menu is a set of links that allow users to move between different sections and... Read More

How to Make Custom Tooltips in HTML and CSS

In this article, I will show you how to make custom tooltips on your web pages using only HTML and CSS. A tooltip is a small informational box that appears when... Read More

Differences between px, rem, and em in CSS

When learning web design or interacting with CSS codes of various websites, you are most likely to come across different units of measurement including pixels (... Read More

What is the difference between CSS margin and padding?

When working with CSS, the margin and padding properties play a significant role in controlling the spacing and positioning of elements on a web page. Though th... Read More

How to Make a Smooth Scrolling Effect with CSS and jQuery

Web pages often contain more content than can be accommodated on the device screen. For this reason, scrolling becomes necessary in order to view the full conte... Read More

How to change input and textarea placeholder color with CSS

A form input placeholder is a text displayed within an input field of a web form as an indicator of the type or format of the information expected in that parti... Read More
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