FontAwesome Tutorials

PHP/MySQL Lead Management System Script

LeadFlow Pro is a web-based lead management system, built in PHP/MySQL and designed to help store and manage leads, assigning them to specific sales reps, and keeping track... Read More

[Solved]: Font Awesome icons not showing on my website

Font Awesome is a popular icon library used by millions of designers and developers to add icons to websites as a way to enhance the visual appeal of websites. ... Read More

How to add Font Awesome icons on your website

Font Awesome is an open-source and freemium icon library and toolkit, used by millions of designers, developers, and content creators. It was initially released... Read More

How to add Font Awesome icons in your web pages using CSS

Conclusion In this article, we have covered what unicodes are, what CSS pseudo-elements are, and how to add Font Awesome icons in web pages using CSS pseudo-... Read More

[Solved]: Font Awesome unicodes via CSS ‘content ’ not working

Have trouble showing Font Awesome icons on your website by using their unicodes as the value for the CSS content property? The icons don't show at all or square... Read More
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