How to install WordPress CMS in your website cPanel
  John Mwaniki /   31 Aug 2021

How to install WordPress CMS in your website cPanel

WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS). It’s secure, reliable, easy to use, and totally customizable.

You can install WordPress in your cPanel manually, or by making a few clicks through the Softaculous Apps Installer. In this post, we will cover how to do the installation via Softaculous.

What is Softaculous Installer?

Softaculous Apps Installer is an auto script installer, which installs the most popular PHP, JavaScript, and Perl applications in just a few clicks. With Softaculous, you can install and manage the applications as well as manage backups

WordPress installation Procedure

Step 1: Click on “WordPress” under the Softaculous Apps Installer section

cPanel softaculous wordpress

Step 2: It will take you to the WordPress overview. Click “Install” and it will take you to the installer interface.

Softaculous wordpress

Step 3: You will be required to enter some configuration details which are explained below:

Software setup

Wordpress software setup

Choose protocol – Choose between HTTP or HTTPS with or without www. You need to have installed an SSL certificate for the website domain for you to use the HTTPS option.

Choose Domain - You can install your WordPress in the root domain or any subdomain you created, choose from the dropdown menu.

In directory - Choose the folder in which you wish to install the WordPress. If you want to install it on your root website, make this field empty. For this tutorial, I created a folder and named it "wordpress". That's where we will install it.

Choose version – This allows you to choose between different WordPress versions. It is recommended to leave it as default with the most recent version selected.

Site Settings

Wordpress installation site settings

Site Name - Give a name to your website in this field.

Site Description - Provide a short description of your website.

Enable Multisite – This feature allows you to create a number of sites under one WordPress installation.

You can leave it unchecked if you will be working only on one site.

Admin Account

Wordpress admin account creation

Admin username & password - Enter your preferred administrator username and password, you will need them to log in to your admin panel later.

Admin Email - Enter the email address on which you want to receive the important notification of your WordPress installation.

Language Setup

Setting the language for wordpress installation

Select Language - Choose a language for your WordPress Installation.


Wordpress installation - Selecting plugins

Select plugins – This is optional where you can select to install these 3 rd Party Plugins.

Advanced options

Wordpress installation advanced options

Database Name − You can specify a custom database name for your WordPress database, or you can leave this setting as it is.

Table Prefix − If you are going to use the same database for more than one installation, you can specify the table prefix here. All the tables that will be created will have this prefix before them.

Disable Update Notifications − You can choose not to receive updates notifications on your admin email by selecting this checkbox.

Upgrade Options − You can choose to auto upgrade your WordPress CMS, Installed theme, or Installed plugins. Select appropriate options.

Automated backups − You can choose to create a backup of your WordPress automatically using Softaculous Apps Installer, if selected you can choose a backup rotation for your system.

Theme selection

Theme selection in wordpress installation

If you select any theme here, then Softaculous Apps Installer will make an auto-install of that theme. If you do not choose any theme then a clean WordPress Installation will be done. Use the (<) and (>) to navigate through the themes.

Step 4: Click “Install” to install the WordPress CMS on your website. You will be able to see the installation progress as below.

Softaculous wordpress installation progress

If successful, you will be given the links to your installation and admin panel. Use the admin username and password to log in to your admin panel.

Once the installation is complete, you will see the success message below:

Wordpress installation successful

And now you can start working on your site by clicking on the “Administrative URL” link.

Wordpress dashboard


In this post, we have covered the step-by-step procedure on WordPress CMS installation in your cPanel using the Softaculous installer.

Now you can carry on and start working on your new website in your admin dashboard.