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PHP/MySQL Lead Management System Script

LeadFlow Pro is a web-based lead management system, built in PHP/MySQL and designed to help store and manage leads, assigning them to specific sales reps, and keeping track... Read More

How to protect directories from unauthorized access in cPanel

When you publish your website, some website visitors(mostly with malicious intent) may try to access website folders/directories that they are not supposed to. ... Read More

How to check your website traffic in cPanel

In this article, I will take you through the process of checking your website traffic in your web hosting account cPanel. What is Website Traffic? Website traff... Read More

How to increase or reduce the PHP memory limit in cPanel

In this article, you will learn what PHP memory limit is, and how you can increase or decrease it for your website in the hosting cPanel account. Any time a re... Read More

How to edit the php.ini file in cPanel

As a PHP developer, you most probably have already come across the term php.ini countless times. In this article, we will cover what it is, what is used for, an... Read More

How to create email forwarders in cPanel

One main and important feature that comes with owning a domain name and a hosting account is being able to create your custom domain emails. They make your busi... Read More

cPanel addon domains, domain aliases and domain redirects

If you own a website, then it is most probably managed through the cPanel hosting control panel. If you are relatively new to hosting or haven't so far paid so ... Read More

How to customize PHP version for different directories in cPanel

I have in the previous articles covered how to check which PHP version your website is running on, and how to change and update PHP version to a current and act... Read More

How to change the PHP version in cPanel

PHP is a widely used server-side programming language for web development. According to W3Techs, 78.9% of all websites run on PHP as of the time of writing this... Read More

How to add an “update now” button in AWStats in cPanel

Awstats is an open-source Web analytics reporting tool. It comes packaged with your web hosting account cPanel and you can use it to track and monitor your webs... Read More

How to install WordPress CMS in your website cPanel

WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS). It’s secure, reliable, easy to use, and totally customizable. You can install WordPress in ... Read More
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